The issues and ideas that matter to women.

Awakened Women explores how women can effect tremendous and positive change both personally and collectively. In feminine dialogue we explore a variety of issues and ideas important to women in a fun, supportive and stimulating environment. Engage with other women. Raise your consciousness. Enjoy this website!

A longtime spiritual seeker-activist, and passionate advocate for women, Penelope Lichatowich has a diverse background in health care
and theology. As a nurse practitioner, she pioneered a new model of 
geriatrics practice in Portland, OR. She currently leads small groups of women in exploring issues close to their hearts and lives. Penelope is a certified spiritual director who was previously a seminarian for the priesthood in the Episcopal Church. She is a devotee of Mother Earth and meditative spiritual practices. Penelope's interests include the evolutionary changes taking place globally and personally; the Sacred Feminine; mythology and spirituality; and the radical transformations of mid-life and beyond. Her calling is to assist her sisters in their spiritual and personal growth, and empowering their feminine voice, creativity, and place in the world.
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